Dr. Sumedh Kelkar

Specialist - Anesthesia


Dr. Sumedh Kelkar has over 25 years of varied and vast experience of administering anesthesia for different subspecialties of surgery. He completed his MBBS degree from BJ medical college, Ahmedabad, India in 1990. And thereafter took his MD in Anesthesia from BJ medical college, Ahmedabad in 1993. He started his medical experience of administering anesthesia in different subspecialties of surgeries. He started his practice in Bombay Hospital and P.D. Hinduja National Hospital. In 1996, he got formal training for Cardiovascular, Thoracic and Neurosurgical anesthesia from the prestigious Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical sciences and Technology in Trivandrum, India.

In 2011, he moved to the UAE where he continued his administered anesthesia for cardio-vascular and thoracic surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, bariatric surgeries, orthopedic and spine surgeries, endoscopy room procedures are to name few. He has keen interest for administering anesthesia for cardiac, non-cardiac surgeries and ultra sound guided blocks for regional anesthesia.

He has attended various national conferences and workshops in India.